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Gold Volcano: An amazing Slot That Truly Innovates

Are you ready to discover a slot like no other? Gold Volcano is sure to charm both new and experienced slot players alike.

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There’s no doubt, Play’n GO is the best iGaming provider. Not only they develop tons of new games every year, but they keep innovating and bringing new experiences to the table.

Today is the turn of Gold Volcano slot, a game like no other.


How good is Gold Volcano Slot?

  • Innovative Gameplay
  • Great Theme
  • Sharp Graphics

Gold Volcano slot has a very dynamic look and feel with features that really reflect its theme. The gameplay fits perfectly with the narrative and manages to deliver a very engaging experience.

It really is great when slots manage to tie everything together so nicely and, in this case, Gold Volcano has done it perfectly. Of course, we never expect less from literally the best igaming provider: Play’n GO.

Gold Volcano is one of the most innovative games from Play’n GO, and the very unusual reel configuration perfectly matches the vulcano in the background. The grid of dots you see above the regular reels is not a hallucination.

Rather, they are dormant coil positions that become active when the volcano erupts. A minor eruption is also possible in the base game, but the explosive discharge is reserved for the bonus round.

The visual presentation is well done here, but the main focus was obviously to mesh the features with the vulcano theme. We’ll go out on a limb and say that this is done better in Gold Volcano than any other game with a similar theme, and the symbols are actually pushed down here, as is the red hot magma.

The cascading wins feature is in play on every spin, and if you pay close attention, you’ll see 5 markers inside the volcano. These are the “high marks” that the lava reaches in consecutive cascades.

Technical Specifications

iGaming Provider Specs for Slot

Gold Volcano Slot
Game Board6 x 2/4/6/8 (shaped like a volcano)
RTP (Return to Player)96%
Supported DevicesDesktop, Mobile and Tablet
Game MechanicMulti-Directional Grid Slot

The game developed by top igaming provider Play’n GO presents a unique shape for the slot and amazing mechanics that we’ll explore in just a minute.

Gold Volcano slot featues good RTP (96%), which is the ideal rate to be profitable at the same time big pays are delivered to the players – making they come back, eventualy.

The game also has a high volatility, like in many Play’n GO games. This means that the jackpots will be rarer, but also higher. Again, this is ideal to keep players coming, since everyone wants to be that ‘big winner’.

You have a lot of freedom when it comes to betting. You can choose a bet between 0.10€ and 100€ per spin.

It is very easy to understand the bets and the possible winnings. Unlike other machines, you don’t have to multiply the lines in addition to choosing the bet. You get the exact amount invested on each spin right away.

Game Mechanics

How is this game different?

igaming provider of gold volcano slot

The igaming provider Play’n GO has done well with its other Cluster Pays games, but this one stands out from the rest.

Gold Volcano slot comes with many bonuses that are mainly related to the vulcano theme. The features come in different stages of the vulcana, and the highlight is the Eruption Free Spins feature.

First of all, this game comes with a cascading win feature, and you will see the lava rise in the vulcana for each cascade. Winning symbols are removed and replaced with new symbols, and this continues as long as you get new winning combinations.

When the volcano is sleeping, you can trigger 3 different random features only on losing spins. These are reel changing features that are there to help you extend the cascade wins and hopefully trigger the eruption bonus round. Here’s what you can expect:

Rumble feature – the entire grid is shaken and all symbols are shuffled to new positions. A symbol is also replaced by a scatter.

Lava Feature – the volcano erupts and mysterious lava symbols are spat out on the outer reel positions. The grid is now changed to 4-5-6-7-7-4-5, and the lava symbols turn into random symbols that can include wilds, but not scatters.

Excavate function – will add between 3 and 5 random wilds to the grid, which can help create winning clusters.

As the pressure of the volcano increases, you can get wilds to be placed randomly on the empty grid between the waterfalls. Wilds can sometimes land with a 2x multiplier attached, and the multiplier will multiply with each other if you involve more than one in a winning cluster.

CrystallizationIn the upper left corner, you will see a scatter collection counter, and the crystallization function is triggered when you fill the 9 empty slots on this counter. The counter has 3 different stages, and you will upgrade a mid-level gem symbol to the highest value gold symbol every time you collect 3 scatters.

The counter resets once the stunt is complete, but it does not reset if you trigger the Eruption bonus round.

9.7Expert Score

Gold Volcano is a slot like no other. From the amazing graphics to the ‘magma’ mechanics, everything is designed to awe both new and experienced player alike. There’s no doubt that is one of the best slots available in the market right now.

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Gold Volcano: An amazing Slot That Truly Innovates
Gold Volcano: An amazing Slot That Truly Innovates


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