Altenar review: Best Online Sportsbook?

Altenar is a sportsbook software provider that delivers solutions both for licensed operators and iGaming businesses that are just starting out. They focus on delivering top-notch software that is both reliable and flexible.

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Looking for the best online sportsbook? Altenar is currently one of the main sportsbook suppliers for the iGaming industry in Latin America. They have been in the business since 2011 and so far they have worked with big names in the industry.

They’re currently offering sportsbook solutions for operators looking to expand their catalogue and 360° sportbook solutions for businesses that are just starting out.

One of Altenar’s mottos is: stability meets flexibility. They know customization is a major concern when it comes to Latin America, that’s why they focus on providing products tailored to the needs of the different cultures in the region — a point where many other providers fail.

Pros & Cons

What’s right?

  • Full needs covered from the beginning
  • High customization
  • Reliable products with robust infrastructure
  • Premium data feed with minimum latency
  • Powerful promotional engine

Altenar started out as a provider of sportsbook software, but it kept developing and today offers a full service that ranges from the ‘software-only’ category to the provision of a fully-managed iGaming platform. They are currently the preferred partners for licensed operators around the world, and they just don’t stop expanding. Currently, many consider them provider of the best online sportsbook.

One of Altenar’s strong points are its highly customizable products. The company recognizes the importance of being able to deliver customized experiences when it comes to such a diverse community as that of Latin America and Europe. That’s why the staff focuses on delivering products tailored to the particular needs of the operators.

Of course, customization is worth nothing unless the product is strong — and Altenar’s is the strongest. Not only do they offer established and reliable products, but they also provide a stable infrastructure for them. No wonder why they’re considered to be probably the best online sportsbook providers.

And talking about infrastructure, we can’t leave aside their data partners. There’s nothing more infuriating for a player —and most image-damaging for a platform— than having problems when it’s payout time. 

Altenar knows the importance of providing a frictionless experience when it comes to the users’ money. That’s why they count with premium data feeds. This way, they ensure a minimum latency at all times to enable instant payouts and prevent any late bets abuse.

A big bonus (no pun intended) is their system for bonuses. Altenar counts with a powerful promotional engine that features all the industry standard bonus types. Some examples of this are freebets, welcome deposits, and retention bonuses. All this supported by a strong segmentation system to allow targeting different sections of the player base.

Sportsbook Solutions

Product specs: Best Online sportsbook

Trusted SoftwareAltenar’s software is trusted thanks to its stability and robust infrastructure.
Multi-Brand ManagementMultiple skins are managed from a single back office. All of them customizable.
Premium Data FeedsReliable and accurate information provided by industry-leading data partners with minimal latency.
Cash Out FeaturesPlayers can sell their open bets at any time — within your conditions and margins.
Bonus SystemEngine that comes with all the industry standard bonus types.

What makes alternar the best online sportsbook?

Altenar offers a complete solution for incorporating sportsbooks into a platform. Their software is used by dozens of licensed operators around the world because of its reliability and flexibility.

Their sportsbook solutions service is one of the most complete in the market, covering both fundamental and concrete necessities. And all of this is highly customizable, to make sure all the solutions are tailored to the operator’s needs.

Success Cases

past work

best online sportsbook
Altenar review: Best Online Sportsbook? 2

Sometimes, to know if a company is the right one – or in this case, why is it considered to be the best online sportsbook provider – we have to look away from the technicalities and focus on previous cases. Let’s take a look at some of Atenar’s clients. it’s a Colombian sports betting and casino website that presents tons of differents sports, with hundreds of daily events, and some of the best slots in the market.

The company has been operating in Colombia since 2017 and in 2020 it was acquiered by the international gaming operator, Betsson Group.

Recently, has chosen Altenar as its official sportsbook supplier for the new site. Domenico Mazzola, Commercial Director of Altenar, said:

“We are extremely happy to return to Colombia and be the sportsbook provider of the new Colbet website. Backed by Betsson Group, Colbet will definitely be a success in the region, and we will do everything we can to support them with our technology and experience in the market.”

The new version of was released on July 1st, 2021. Now Colombian users will be able to enjoy a renewed version of their favorite website and a totally new experience, including the new sportsbook offering by Altenar. 

9.6Expert Score

All in all, Altenar provides some of the best solutions for sportsbooks and iGaming business in the market. Whether you want to expand your catalogue or start a company from the ground up, they’ll have exactly what you need to do so. And the best part? Once you’re established as a brand, they’ll make it easier for you to transition into your own private license.

Track Record

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