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Honey Rush: Game-Changing casino slot software

The relaxing music of the guitar. The gorgeous background. Everything in this game is an invitation to have fun and chill.

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Honey Rush is a casino slot software colorful like no other. The interface is warm with bright colors that are indeed reminiscent of nature. On either side, you can see tree trunks with leaves still green that reminds you of those walks in the park.

Graphics are just gorgeous, that’s pretty obvious. But what about the rest of the game? Let’s find out.

The Game

Is Honey Rush Good?

  • Perfect Natural Setting
  • Chill Gameplay
  • Music With Good Vibes

Hum with pleasure in this natural setting that is teeming with insects of all kinds. What could be more normal since we are apparently in the woods, perhaps even in the heart of a huge oak tree, judging by the branches and leaves that surround the slot.

One thing is for sure, we are in front of a big beehive and the symbols, themselves very flowery, remind us of the importance of pollinating insects.

So we are in a very relaxing setting, where the green dominates logically and without excessive animations. This is not necessarily to our displeasure. A little bit of calm is sometimes the best thing.

The game takes place in a soft and soothing musical atmosphere. And what instrument is most often found in this kind of atmosphere? The acoustic guitar of course! The music of Honey Rush online is composed of melodic sequences played with the guitar, and the final result is very satisfying. Nothing aggressive, on the contrary, this casino slot software is perfect for a very chill gaming session.

Of course, to remind you again that we are in the heart of nature, you will have all the leisure to hear the various birds that accompany the soundtrack.

Technical Descriptions

About This Casino Slot Softare

Game BoardClust of 37 symbols
VolatilityVery High
Supported PlatformsDektop, Mobile and Tablet
Game MechanicHexagonal Grid Slot

This casino slot software comes with a honeycomb reel grid, and the spinning reels feature makes every spin more exciting as you never know how many extra spins you will get. This game has Play’n GO’s maximum volatility, and it also comes with the highest potential we’ve seen from this developer so far. 

You can win up to 9,000x your stake, which is 4,000x higher than your usual maximum winning potential for high variance games. The game runs on a cluster wins engine. 

You can place bets of up to $100 per spin on all platforms and devices, and there’s a Rush meter that you’ll notice on the right side of the grid. Each win fills the meter, and the first 3 times you level up you will activate the Drone Colony feature.

If you reach the last and fourth level, you will activate the Queen Colony feature, and this can fill the entire grid with identical symbols. There is also a worker colony feature that can turn losing spins into winners, as well as a wandering honey pot that comes with a multiplier of up to 3x. A fun and well-made Play’n GO casino slot software with high potential.

Game Mechanics

How Does it Work?

casino slot software
Best Casino Slot Software: Honey Rush

Honey Rush comes with a cascade feature, and this means that the winning symbols are removed to make room for new symbols on the same spin. There is also a Rush meter that can be loaded, and you will see it on the right side.

In order to win, you must match at least 5 identical symbols side by side. After the symbols are counted, they will disappear from the grid and other symbols will appear, increasing the probability of forming successive clusters. Note that it is possible to fill the grid completely with a symbol of the same color. In this case, you could get up to 9000 times your initial bet.

The casino slot software comes with 4 different levels, and every time you win, the Rush meter fills up a bit. When the Rush meter fills up completely, you will level up. In the first 3 levels, you need to collect 20, 40 or 80 winning symbols respectively. 

Each time you level up in this casino slot software, you will activate the Drone Colony feature, and this will give you a group of a minimum of 7 matching symbols plus a sticky wild. The final level 4 is called the Queen’s Colony, and you must collect 160 winning symbols before you can reach this level. Once this happens, you can get groups with up to 37 matching symbols, which means you have filled the entire grid with winning symbols. There is also a Worker Colony feature that will randomly trigger on losing spins, and this can create group wins with up to 15 winning symbols.

The Honey Pot wild symbol will only land on the grid as triggered by the Rush meter, and this wild will only land on the second ring of reel positions from the outside in. This will act as an errant multiplier wild and a random position on every falling wins with a multiplier that can go up to 3x.

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Honey Rush: Game-Changing casino slot software
Honey Rush: Game-Changing casino slot software


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