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Reactoonz 2: The Best software for online casino?

Reactoonz 2 is an awesome game full of bright graphics, catchy music, and loads of fun. A must-play that slot players will absolutely love.

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The Reactoonz software online casino franchise revolves around a mix of cartoon monsters, many of which have peculiar effects on the main game. Reactoonz 2 is thematically very similar to the first and most of the changes are on a technical level to allow for more elaborate mechanics.

However, if you’re not familiar with the franchise, the gelatinous aliens will be enough to dazzle you and convince you to try the weird and wonderful world they inhabit.

Pros & Cons

The Best About Reactoonz 2

  • Gorgeous Graphics
  • Everything Animated
  • Catchy Music

The graphics are one of the most positive aspects of this Play’n GO slot. All the symbols are small aliens, each of which stands out for a very defined personality, considering the limitations imposed by these simple and limbless creatures.

The various parts of the screen are animated. The background is composed of a vortex of spatial colors and the reels are surrounded by electric indicators, bright lights or moving bars. Thanks to all this, there is a constant action effect, especially when the reels start spinning with their complex dance of functions and symbols.

The music is catchy and the sound effects are numerous and pleasant. It’s a experience that not only charms you for what you see, but also for what you hear. It’s almost hard to close the tab because the experience is just a dopamine cocktail.

Technical Descriptions

Reactoonz 2: Descriptions of Software for online casino

Grid Table7×7
Return To Player (RTP)96.20%
Supported DevicesDesktop, tablet, mobile
Main MechanicCascade Slot

The betting range goes from $0.20 per spin to a maximum of $100 per spin. This is a good range for betting options. Players can either advance slow and steadily, or they can go ‘all-in’ in just a few spins.

The return to player (RTP) of the game is 96.20%, a percentage somewhat above the industry average. This is great for players, since they usually stay away of slot machines that offer low return to player, since this means that the jackpot is smaller.

Another of the great things in this software online casino is that it provides a high level of volatility. We’ve talked about this in past occasions, but players do absolutely love a high level of volatility. This usually means that they get higher returns instead of just more smaller returns.

On top of that, the game is available on desktop, mobile and tablet, so players can enjoy it no matter where they are.

This software online casino made by Play’n GO is loved for thousands of players around the world.

Main Mechanics

How Does Reactoonz 2 Work?

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Reactoonz 2: The Best software for online casino? 3

Reactoonz 2 software online casino extends the mechanics of the prequel of the series. The reels form a seven by seven grid. All groups of at least five symbols that are connected horizontally or vertically form a winning combination. The bigger the group, the bigger the win.

The cascade function allows removing the winning combination from the reels, which is replaced by new symbols falling from the top.

After each cascade, new winning combinations can be formed, which are also removed from the reels. In such a case, a new cascade is activated.

There are three types of wilds: Charged, Energoon and Electric, which substitute for all symbols. The main difference lies in how they appear on the reels.

There is an additional symbol, the Uncharged wild, which can become an electric wild if it is next to a winning combination or if a pair of wilds explodes. Uncharged wilds appear randomly during normal spins, while the others are awarded as part of the bonus system.

The first bonus system is the Fluctometer, which is randomly assigned a one-eyed monster on each spin. If you get eleven such monsters in winning combinations, the Fluctometer reaches maximum charge and adds one, two or three electric wilds to the reels.

Reactoonz 2 | Revisión de máquinas tragamonedas en línea, consejos y  casinos en línea

Each winning symbol that is part of a group with an electric wild adds a “charge” to the other counter: the Quantumeter. This has three levels. When you reach 55 charges, level one is activated, which releases four Energoon wilds on the reels. If you get more than 85 charges, you receive a 2×2 Energoon wild.

If you reach level 3 of the Quantumeter in this software online casino, a Gargantoon wild is added to the grid, which activates a single 3×3 Gargantoon. There is an additional level 4 that adds a x2 multiplier to all winnings obtained with Gargantoons.

When each cascade ends, the wild breaks down into two 2×2 wilds and then into nine 1×1 wilds. This feature allows for huge prizes and closely resembles the bonus functionality of other games.

If you would like to have Reactoonz 2 as part of your repertoire, you can visit Play’n GO to know more about this fantastic casino software developer.

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Reactoonz 2: The Best software for online casino?
Reactoonz 2: The Best software for online casino?


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