palpitos 24 review

Palpitos 24 Review: Is it good?

Palpitos 24 is an Argentinian iGaming website that offers a wide range of options when it comes to online sportsbetting. They have an overall focus on football, but they offer everything from sports to casino games.

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Welcome to Palpitos 24 Review, where we’ll take a look at the platform and the products it offers.

Online sportsbetting that focuses on an Argentinian audience, that’s what you can find in Palpitos 24. The very name of the web comes from a wordplay with the word ‘palpito’, which can be translated as heartbeat and is used to describe a fan’s love for his team in Argentina.

Their website logically features football as the main event — with tons of different leagues and teams around the world to bet on. However, they also offer +25 different sports, with 8 of them accepting live betting and even one Esport.

On top of that, they offer 9 different virtual sports — perfectly executed with exciting live animations — and a small casino with slots, roulette, and live betting too.

Pros & Cons

How Good is Palpitos 24?

  • Made to please the Argentinian audience
  • Wide range of football leagues available
  • Promos for players
  • Only accessible to people from the province of Tucuman
  • Casino section could be improved

One of the first things you see as soon as you enter Palpitos24 are two of the most important sport figures in Argentina: Leonel Messi and Manu Ginobili. Here it’s just a design decision, but it also represents the intentions of its creators — to make the Argentinian audience feel like home. And in this, they succeed.

Everything on the website, from the wording, to illustrations, to the type of sports available, screams Argentina at the top of the lungs. It’s clear that the guys at Palpitos knew what they had to do to please their audience.

And talking about pleasing audiences, they also offer different promos to keep customers coming back. At the moment of this review, for example, they’re offering a promo that allows players to close early their betting positions, whether they’re winning or losing. This way, they can have more control over the end result.

When it comes to cons in this Palpitos 24 review, one of the main things to note about Palpitos is that they only offer services for the province of Tucuman. This is a narrow target audience, yes, but also allows them to provide better, more personalized services. They even offer special cards for people in the capital of Tucuman.

Another thing that we couldn’t help notice in this Palpitos 24 review is the not-so-great online casino section. Although they have their fair amount of slot machines and classic casino games, the truth is when we compare it to other casino webs in Latin America it leaves much to be desired. They could definitely benefit from some new games. However, it still has enough games to be appealing to the Tucumanian audience.

Platform Specifications

Palpitos 24 Review: Technical Specifications

Sports Offering26 sports and 9 virtual sports
SecurityHTTPS protocol and two-factor authentication
Customer SupportFrom 8:00 to 0:00
BonusesPromos and weekly giveaways

In this review for Palpitos 24, we can’t put aside the technical specifications.

The first thing to mention is the wide range of sports available in Palpitos 24. The website has a total of 35 different sports, including football, tenis, basquetball, MMA, rugby, baseball, hanball, etc.

The only thing to note is that their Esport section only consists of one game: League of Legends. Again, this is closely related with what’s popular among the audience from Tucuman.

When it comes to security in this Palpitos 24 review, Palpitos counts with the mandatory HTTPS protocol to ensure it’s safe to introduce private information. On top of that, they also provide two-factor authentication to improve security for users when they’re logging in.

Their customer support is open from 8 to 12 AM. It’s not 24/7 like in other pages, but the truth is they don’t actually need it because they’re active when their public is awake.

To finish this section of Palpito’s review, we can’t stop talking about their bonuses. Not only do they run different types of promotions, but they also provide weekly giveaways for their players. The latter have a point system by which the more points you accumulate, the bigger the rewards will be, which was clearly made to keep users coming. Isn’t it cool?

Now, let’s move this Palpitos 24 review to the banking options.

Banking Options

How Players Buy Palpitos Credits

palpitos24 review
Palpitos 24 Review: Banking Options

Palpitos 24 offers a pretty interesting system when it comes to buying credits to play, and it shows how close they are to their audience from Tucuman.

The first thing you need to know is that they have tons of offices spread out throughout Tucuman where they offer in-person credit buying. Not only can you buy credits there, but you can also get your own Palpitos 24 prepaid card.

With their card, you can easily buy credits and bet on their website.

They also allow players to deposit money into their prepaid cards from the web. However, it is essential that before doing this they already have a Palpitos 24 card.

As you can see in this Palpitos 24 review, their methods for depositing money are pretty classical. There are no cryptos nor bank transfers — only credit cards and prepaid cards. And again, that’s all they need.

7.8Expert Score
Pretty Good

As we saw in this Palpitos 24 review, it’s a website focused on a very specific niche. They know how to please their public, and they put at their disposal many offices that allow in-person transaction. They also have a great selection of sports, with many leagues. Sadly, their online casino isn’t up to the standards and they lack more banking options.

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