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Flying Pigs is an excellent example of a game that’s perfect for the players it has been designed to please. Like any specialty game, this isn’t a taxing test of strategy or nerve; instead, it is meant to be a relaxing, simple game that you can play on autopilot.

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What happens when one of the top slot providers in the market decides to make a fun and irreverent bingo game?

For as long as any of us can remember, the idea of the flying pig has been synonymous with something being impossible. Telling someone that an event will happen “when pigs fly” is just a clever way of saying that it will never happen. After all, of all the animals that grace the Earth, few are less likely to become airborne anytime soon than our portly pig friends.

But thanks to Play’n Go (one of the top slot providers right now), in Flying Pigs it’s certainly not impossible for you to walk away as a winner. This bingo game offers up a tantalizing array of patterns that players can complete in order to score wins, some of which can even get you into a bonus round that promises further rewards. Throw in the potential to buy extra balls to make big wins, and you have a recipe for a fun game that should delight bingo fans.

Pros & Cons

Flying Pigs – Fun casino Slot Software

The Best
  • Fun to Play
  • Easy
  • Original Theme
  • Bonuses

Opening this title will see you greeted by a colorful, cartoonish farm scene. It does a fine job of setting up the theme, especially with the giant pig’s face (flanked by wings) seen in the center of the screen.

Flying Pigs is an excellent example of a game that’s perfect for the players it has been designed to please. Like any specialty game, this isn’t a taxing test of strategy or nerve; instead, it is meant to be a relaxing, simple game that you can play on autopilot. In that regard, it is an absolute success. While it is easy to play through this game without giving it much thought, there are also enough twists – such as the bonus round and the option to buy extra balls – to keep things interesting.

Of course, if you’re looking for something more complex, there are many options out there that are better for experienced gamblers. Play’n Go, one of the top slot providers, already made plenty of them. But for an easy way to place a few bets that still provides a few thrills, Flying Pigs is one of the better bingo games on the Internet.

Flying Pigs also contains a bonus round that can be triggered by hitting some of the high value patterns. This occurs whenever you make either the large square or the rails pattern on any play. When this happens, you will not only win the very large prize associated with that pattern, but you’ll get to jump into a second-screen round where you’ll be tasked with moving pigs into a fenced-in area. Each time you move a pig, you’ll be awarded with a prize of instant credits. This continues until you uncover a boar, which ends the game immediately, at which point you will collect your prizes.

You need to try this game by one of the top slot providers in the market.

Technical Descriptions

Technical Analisis of Flying Pigs – By Top Slot Providers

Game BoardDynamic Bingo Board
RTP (Return to Player)96%
Supported DevicesDesktop, Mobile and Tablet
Main MechanicBingo

Flying Pigs, brought by one of the top slot providers, offer an above-average return to player. That’s actually one of the reasons why theirs games are so loved among the slot machine community.

In this case, they created a bingo game with a high volatility, which means bigger and rarer rewards. At this point, we all already know why this high level of volatility is so popular among slot enthusiasts. Slot machine players simply love being rewarded with big rewards as compensation for their determination to not abandon the game.

It’s just way more satisfactory than getting moderate wins along the way. And of course, one of the top slot providers in the market would know this.

To put it in perspective, imagine that through an entire year there are several cases in which you find $1 sitting on the street. Even if that happens 100 times through the year, each dollar you find won’t feel specially great, right? You’d just think “nice” and keep walking.

Now, it would be way different if you found $100 right away. Now, that’s way more gratification.

That’s the same thing that happens with slot and volatility.

Of course, the game is supported on mobile, tablet, and desktop. So it doesn’t matter if your players are traveling on public transport, they will be able to play their favorite bingo game. We expected nothing less from the top slot providers.

Special Features

Flying Pigs Main Mechanics

top slot providers
Top Slot Providers present: Flying Pigs

At the start of each round, you’ll see four cards, each of which features 15 numbers. The numbers are laid out in three rows of five columns each, with numbers that range from 1-60. Cards do not duplicate numbers between them, so if you play all four cards, you’ll see one of every possible number somewhere on the screen.

At the beginning of each game, you’ll have the option of customizing how many cards you wish to play and how much you want to bet. You may click the “off” button on each card to toggle them off; if a card is already deactivated, you can also turn it back on in this manner. In the options menu, you may also set the amount you wish to play for per coin, as well as how many coins you want to wager on each ticket. If you’d like to mix up your number layout, the new cards button will generate a new set of tickets for you.

Once you’re happy with your setup, you can hit the play button to get the action started. This will cause 30 balls to rapidly drop into the middle of the play area, each of which features a number. If that number appears somewhere in your cards, the appropriate space will be marked off. Should you complete a winning combination, there will be a brief pause to denote this before the balls continue to fall.

There are many different ways in which you can score wins in this game. These patterns range from simple to complex, and not all of them are easily described. But don’t worry: you can see exactly what you’re aiming for on screen, so there should never be confusion while you’re playing. The winning combinations, with prizes compared to the size of your bet on that card, are as follows:

Play’n GO is undoubtedely one of the top slot providers in the market.

In many cases, you may come very close to making a high-value winning pattern but come up just a single number short. That’s why the game includes a feature that allows you to purchase extra balls. If you are just one space away from winning a prize of 8x or more, you’ll have the option of buying one more number. The price of this additional ball will depend on the current situation: the more you stand to win, the more expensive the ball will be. You can make the purchase by clicking the “Buy Extra Ball” button, or end the game by hitting the “collect” button instead.

If you do buy a number in this manner, you will once again have the option to buy another, or to end the game. Each time you make a purchase, the price of the next ball will dynamically change, reflecting how your cards now look. You may keep purchasing additional balls up to 12 times in total, after which the game will automatically end.

Bottom line? Your players will absolutely love this game brought by one of the top slot providers in the market.

9.1Expert Score

Flying Pigs is a bingo-based game that offer a fun experience and an easy-to-understand gameplay. Everything in this game was made to please casual players looking to have a good time and get the chance to win big rewards.

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