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The best slot software developers designed Golden Ticket 2

Golden Ticket 2 is a 360° experience that builds upon its previous edition but also improves every single one of its characteristics. A true experience for slot lovers.

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Golden Ticket 2 is the sequel to the popular slot game made by slot software developers at Play’n GO. The slot, like the original, is based on a Circus theme, but don’t let the same theme fool you; Play’n GO has developed a completely different slot here, despite many similarities.

In this review we’ll take a look at what Golden Ticket 2 has to offer and what you can expect when playing.

Pros & Cons

The Best About Golden Ticket 2

  • Buttery-Smooth Graphics
  • Animated Background
  • Great Soundtrack
  • Fun Gameplay

The slot comes with a 1920’s circus theme, and the reels are placed in the middle of a big tent. Golden Ticket 2 offers a perfect aesthetic when it comes to the game’s appearance and environment. 

Thanks to the slot software developers meticulous approach to design, the game features top-notch graphics and smooth, high-quality animations. It’s the first thing that catches your eye when you load the game, and we have to pay tribute to the design team that developed Golden Ticket 2, as everything looks spectacular and is displayed in detail. 

During the game, the main characters will play their parts to the right of the reels, and not only will they amuse you with their bizarre acts, but they will also be connected to some additional features. 

The soundtrack is another highlight, as it captures the essential carnival vibe and suits the game perfectly. It adds a final touch to the atmosphere, complementing the immersive effect to make you feel like attending a real-life circus show.

Being created by one of the top slot software developers, you can expect wonders from this game.

Technical Descriptions

Golden Ticket By Slot Software Developers Play’n Go

Game Board5×5
Return to Player (RTP)96,50%
PlatformsDesktop, Mobile, Tablet
Main MechanicVideo Slot

The actions take place on a 5×5 sized grid. The RTP is set at 96,50%, which is above the average level within the industry. This attracts players for obvious reasons: there is more money to be distributed among them.

The game is driven by a high volatility mathematical model. This means that there are fewer wins, but those wins are truly great. Why is this great? Because it keeps players motivated. They’ll play because they want to see those big wins, and won’t mind waiting for them.

Like all Play’n GO slots released today, Golden Ticket 2 is fully optimized for mobile devices, offers a wide variety of betting options, has an autoplay feature and allows you to increase the speed of each spin if you wish. There are also volume settings and a detailed payout table.

No wonder why Play’n GO is considered one of the best slot software developers.

Golden Ticket 2 by Play'n GO - Top Spot Casinos

Bonus Features

Mechanics and bonuses in golden ticket 2

The game comes loaded with features so that you will hardly have a boring moment during the session. The first one to mention is the cascading wins feature, although it works in a slightly different way than most slots with this particular mechanic.

Each time you get a win, the winning symbols are removed from the grid, however, don’t expect new ones to land on the reels. The remaining symbols are displayed to allow you to make new winning combinations and launch a chain of consecutive wins. It works perfectly with the progressive multiplier, which increases by 1x with each cascade.

However, it resets between spins to its initial position. In case you manage to clear the entire grid, you will get a special instant cash prize of 500x the bet. In addition, the Cascading Wins feature is complemented by Wild symbols, which give you an additional chance to get successful spins.

Every time you make a combination of 3 of a kind and then remove it from the reel set, a Wild symbol appears in the middle of the three winning symbols. It will disappear in case it becomes part of the next winning combination, however, if it is a 3OAK combo again, it will appear in a new position among the symbols, so it is possible to get multiple wilds during the same spin.

slot software developers
Play’n GO Slot Software Developers Featuring Golden Ticket 2

As mentioned above, the three main characters take turns to stand on the right side of the screen and perform funny tricks. Meanwhile, a Wild Meter is located on the opposite side of the screen, and winning combos with the performers fill the meter. It consists of 3 segments that are filled in the same spin.

A 3-of-a-kind combo fills one segment, 4-of-a-kind fills 2 segments and the 5-of-a-kind fills 3 segments at a time. Whenever the meter is filled, a multiplier wild feature is activated. One or two multiplier wilds will be placed on the grid to help you. Wilds are linked to the active character as well as the reels, and the artist to the right of the grid determines which Wilds you get.

  • Clown – 1x Wilds.
  • Knife thrower – 2x Wilds.
  • Ringmaster – 3x Wilds.

The characters will change after each activation of functions. However, the slot software developers made it so it’s possible to activate the meter only once per spin, to prevent abuses.

At the start of each spin, a random row is determined to become a bonus row and will be marked with the word BONUS in the background behind the pay symbols. Clear the row and reveal the word BONUS to gain access to the Free Spins feature.

the best slot software developers
Golden Ticket Designed by Top Slot Software Developers

Before diving into the action, you will be provided with a selection option, where you must choose one of the 3 modes according to your preference. They come with a different number of free spins and multiplier, as well as volatility level.

The slot software developers created three characters for this:

  • Ringmaster mode: 5 free spins with 3 wild multipliers.
  • Knife thrower mode: 7 free spins with 2x wild multipliers.
  • Clown mode: 9 free spins with wild multipliers.

Filling the meter during the Free Spins feature activates a Win Spin with the Wild Multiplier chosen respectively. However, the progressive multiplier will be reset between free spins and winning spins. You will be taken to a new grid filled with symbols and a 2×2 Multiplier Wild randomly placed on the reels.

If you manage to fill the meter with 5 segments during the Win Spin, you will get another Win Spin with the respective multiplier wild symbol, and the progressive multiplier will not reset between consecutive Win Spins.

If you want to try this game made by top slot software developers don’t forget to visit their page.

9.3Expert Score

Golden Ticket 2 is a 360° experience that builds upon its previous edition but improves every single one of its characteristics. From graphic design to sounds and gameplay: everything in this game is just perfect.

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The best slot software developers designed Golden Ticket 2
The best slot software developers designed Golden Ticket 2
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